Where has dan been? Has he been working? Has he been playing Splinter Cell 3 like an addict? Did he beat the game? Is he studying for finals and in particular his chemistry test myopically? Has he shopped for even one christmas present for his family, friends, and others close to him? The answer to all of these except one is yes. (Except the first question, as it is rhetorical in nature)

oh and by the way..... 13-0? Colts rock, baby.

While I usually speak my mind on some topic or other that has been interesting to me, and I owe my loyal readers two rants on both religious establishments and eugenics, I'm too lazy to do them right now. So, here are two quotes I picked up that I absolutely love:

Opinion divorced from knowledge is an ugly thing. -Socrates

If an insect was ever designed by a committee, it would be the Cicada; ugly, ungainly, and prone to running into things. -My mother


Sounds like a literary term: Cicada writing- a badly written document usually cobbled together by committee.