Well, I have put this off long enough: here is my trip
Left early friday morning, but one of the people in the carpool was late so we ended up leaving half an hour after everyone else... meh. The drive up to Rodchester NY was uneventful, really, although Matt and Chris shared some stories about times they were on 'shrooms, and they were pretty funny. Matt once spent several hours commenting on the way small bumps in the paint on a wall made it (the wall) interesting; another time he thought he was drowning in orange juice for half an hour. I don't think I'll ever do those things, who knows what would happen to my sanity, or the fragments of it at least. Anywho, the drive up was uneventfull. We spent the night at a former ski team member's house (Spencer, who was not going on the trip but later accompanied us to dinner), all 29 of us. It was reaaaaaaally crowded. Before we settled in, we stormed a local restraunt (giving the servers a heart attack: suddenly during peak dinnertime 30 people just materialized in their diner. poor folks). I got this thing called a garbage plate, which was basically just hamburgers, hot sauce, hot dogs, french fries, ketchup, and mustard thrown together. It was suprisingly good. Oooh, and we got to go to a ski sale, which was fun, because we almost left Shaheen behind and bought several sleds for drunk late night sledding (more on that later). A few of the people that had convinced their carpools that they didn't have to drive the next day drank, but most everyone just kind of hung around watching "Out Cold" (not a great movie, but fitting). Spencer got two of the freshmen ladies to go in the hot tub with their clothes on, and by golly, they were cold when they got out and didn't have anything accessable to wear, so they spent the night in his clothes in his bed, lucky sonofabitch.
Anywho, I drove to the border the next day at thousand islands. Booooooring. BUT they had this really neat little store called a Duty Free between the Amercian border checkin thingy and the Canadian boder checkin thingy. I bought a thing of vodka and gin for twenty bucks, pretty good deal if you ask me. I love canada and it's 19 legal age... Let's see, skip ahead an hour and a half and you have us (with Shaheen driving and me navigating) almost getting lost in motreal. That was funny, esp with the traffic and stupid french signs. We made it to Tremblant ok though. Um, once we got there, Mike (the president of the team) was trying to sweettalk the front desk. Apparently, you need one 25 year old per room to be able to check in, which is BS. As a group, we had one (tyson, who was coming up around 3am with two other people who had to work the previous day). Somehow he managed to get everything squared away and we went to the rooms. hehe, we didn't have slopeside, so two of the wimpy cars got stuck on the hill going up to the condos. Now that was funny, esp considering that no one wanted to get out in the cold and push. Eventually everyone got in their rooms ok; Two were in the upper condos (about 200-300 yards away and uphill from the lower ones), and Two were in the lower ones (where I was). I got sooo lucky, I got a twin bed and a room with 6 out of the other seven people snowboarding. We all decided to do our own thing away from the other condos and drank some stuff, managed to fit 8 people in a ford escape, buy groceries for four days for all said eight people, and fit all the groceries and people back into the SUV. It was cramped but fun. Everyone ate dinner, then decided to go out to a bar. Damn, 10$ cover fee just to get into the friggin place, even though you did get a free shot and drink. Meh, it was fun, and crowded, although I couldn't understand a word anyone was saying. I think I had about 8 or nine shots that night...
Anyway, I woke up the next morning where I was supposed to be, alone, late, and hung over. Ooops. No early runs the first day. I was able to meet up with some really cool alpine boarders on a race team from Montreal and they gave me some tips. I boarded until my legs started spasming from overexerction, then called it a day. [NOTE: this is taking too long, so I'm going to start just glossing over stuff. I might come back later and reedit in more detail] No bars that night, but hot tub was a definite yes. Met a cute frosh, Sarah, who was a damned good skiier, and a cool frosh, Tyler, who was even better. Um, lets see: Got up on time and managed to tag up with Bob, AJ, Tyson, Tyler, and Sarah the next morning and we fucking flew for two hours. Freshly groomed snow, no one on the slopes, it was heaven. The first run AJ got really bad frostbite on his nose from going so fast. It was hilarious: he had this huges as white striped down his nose and couldn't feel his face. After skiing the morning with them, I wandered on my own for a bit then went back and slept from like 12:30 to 5. It was very very nice. Hit the hot tub, drank a few shots, and watched tv. It was extremely relaxing. Next (and last) morning, I got up early and skiied with Tyler until around noon, when I met up with people from my room. I met this really hot apline boarder chick on the hill, but she was from Montreal and just up for the morning (curses). Oh well. I boarded past my exerction point to when they kicked me off the hill (at 3:30). It was a blast. Our condo hosted the potluck dinner that night, and we had one of the keys from the other lower room, so during the start of the dinner Nick and I snuck out of the room and into theirs. We set every alarm we could find for random times between 5:00 and 7:00 the following morning. Lets see, then I played inebreiated eucher, which was a blast because I kept on winning. Then the idiots that were much worse off then myself ( I just had two or three shots) decided to do drunken sledding. Idiots. They tied a rope to one of the SUVs and drug around a few people on saucer sleds. Others raced headfirst down the road. 2Bconcluded