Damn space requirements. Anywho, it was very funny to watch the idiots, but it was a pain in the ass to clean up after them. I ended up taking two full larges sized trashbags of empty beer cans down to the recycling that night. Ugh. I didn't feel like going to the bars as I was getting poor by this point, but in retrospect I should have. Apparently they went to a different bar and Cassie was letting people do body shots off of her.... DAMNIT, I did NOT want to miss that but nooo, fate is cruel. Also, apparently before the potluck the upper condos were in the hot tub and were teasing one of the girls, so she got fed up and just took her top off. Damnit, again, bad luck... Oh well, it was a blast. What else? Oh, on the way back we had an overstuffed trunk and I gouged my hand, and the Border guard! He was soooo cool! IT was this bored old guy, and he kept joking with us. We were trying to warn him about the overstuffed trunk and he just held up his arm and was like "You think these are just for show??" When he slammed the trunk back down he did one of those flexing poses. It was hilarious. I guess you had to be there. And as to the alcohol that Matt (being the only 21 year old) had bought, the guard dude was harassing him about being greedy and not sharing with the underaged kids in his car. I was trying really hard not to laugh, but failed. He was the coolest border guard ever. Anyway, ride back was uneventful, I'm back without any major scracthes on myself or my boards, all limbs attached. I want to go back already. After I get the pictures developed, I'll edit and post a link to them.