Here's something irritating to me that I felt like briefly ranting about: Exclamation Points(!).

Don't constantly use them, they make it feel like your yelling; squealing perhaps. You all know the conversations in which they sound something like the following:

Ohmygawd! And so like jenny was all like, wow!, and I was all like, Omygawd it's so pretty!, and then she was all like,
DON'T be messin wit me, grrl!.

Ugh. about as bad as typing in ALL CAPS, just more subtly straining.

Oh, and FYI to all you out there, if you try to make friends with yourself on the site, it will only mock you. I thought it would be amusing if I could do it, but instead I was electronically ridiculed. Ah well.

Guess who seems to be in a opprobrious mood?

I think it is due to my Chemistry Final, which I have not studied for adequately, and I still have 15 more credits of it to go, not to mention all the Biology classes and Engineering and Math classes, then Med school, then either starting my own company or taking over another one, or just giving up on school and working on a live aboard Dive Boat someplace nice.

Pray for me; I'll need it