smiley1.gif wooo iv woken up and yay no hangover! though i didnt have nearly enough to have a hangover. this little bottle of whiskey and most of a 2l bottle of strongbow. i let Tom throw the rest away cause i wanted to sober up!!

hehe ok before the drink started, it was still fun. had to wait in the train station for like over an hour waiting for Tom. but he came and woooo iv now met him! yay! He bought us alochol smiley0.gif he rules!

We watched nardia thing, the lion, the witch and the wardrope. but we started drinking in the cinema so i cant exactly remeber some stuff out of it. hehe but what a kick ass wardrope!! oh and i remeber feeling upset about the lion smiley2.gif . But then he was ok! yay!!! i missed about all of the battle thing. ermm what happend?

before the film was fun, we had to wait in the cinema for quite a bit and we were just messing around. hehe i now know that the way i usually sit, cause its confy, is actually quite freaky and nobody there could do it smiley4.gif hehe wooo. oh and i cant really describe what it is... those of u who went will know smiley1.gif .

Oh and its fun doing the thing where you lye down and put ur hands by ur head and do a bridge sort of thing. me +lu were doing it smiley6.gif though im not 100% sure but i think it may have pulled my top of showing my stomach eek not good smiley4.gif .

ok things i remeber from when drunk. hmmmm, i trid to calm all the other drunks down but its hard when ur drunk smiley6.gif . oh and i apoligised alot!!! but i did really mean it. cause in all fairness it isnt fair that we got tom x2, paul and emo girl to look after us.

rmmm hhe i remeber all about going home with adam. that was interesting. as people are alot more open when there drunk smiley6.gif hehehe.

oh i remeber Eddo threw up 3 times... not nice smiley5.gif .

i rmeber hugging people. i kept hugging tom w. ermm and i know i huggd other tom. and hugged lucinda, adam and of course i huggd eddo but not while we were drunk... the whole throwing up thig kinda make me keep my distance lol.

and thats it for now. i hav enough wrighting... but yeah overall a great day! got to got drunk, got to meet Tom smiley0.gif and best of all got to see other people drunk.

oh and btw lucinda i do remeber you kinda hinting towards kissing each other smiley6.gif .