School will finally be over for the semester at 4:30 today. Oh my, my, oh hell yes. (I think I'll put on my party dress?)

So the ovarian cyst is going to be checked on again on February 7th, but I have done some running and it doesn't hurt so bad anymore. I don't know what's going on, but less pain is always good.

The old boyfriend is an ass. One of those breakups where I was totally for getting back together, until he decided to be a drunk, smoke weed again, and generally be obnoxiously happy without me. Well fuck that. I got better things to do with my time.

Like Nick. :) New boyfriend. Hotter, takes better care of himself, and better care of me. Hell yes. And the best part is that our group of friends that hangs out before, during, and after hockey games includes both Brent (the ex) and Nick. For awhile we kept it low-key to keep the drama down. But I've stopped caring. If he can be a bitch, so can I. He ain't never gonna date nothing as good as me again anyway.

So, in conclusion, life has gotten better. I don't feel like quitting life every other day. People have stopped dying and getting sick and I'm feeling better. w00t.

Oh, and Joshie -- the Xmas card is coming!