Well, 3 days from now before the Big Red Guy (and maybe Blue I guess) would have flown his flight and spread Chrismas joy and happiness like Cheeze Wiz on toast. I love toast!

Hope everyone has a happy and prosperious Christmas & New Year. I'm sure I'll be making a post or two over the holidays with pics of the loot! Can't wait to see yours smiley0.gif

A week and a day ago I was a Featured User (F.U.). How did it go?
It was great! Too bad it was on a Wednsday... the busiest day for me here at work. But I managed to check out how everything was going during the day all the same.

A couple of things I learned from being the F.U. :

1. You guys and gals are great! I actually already knew that but it's never a bad idea to remind everyone!!!

2. There are a lot of 15 year old boys that want to be your friend. This is probably the scariest thing... creapy and scary. I can only imangine how all you very beautiful and awesome girls here at Red vs Blue must spend your day... you know who you are. God bless each and every one of you smiley0.gif

3. You can actually spend the whole day here on R vs B. Between the 3 or 4 THOUSND users that are logged in at one time (especially a day when news gets psoted) and trying to sift through image comments, messages, friend requests and pee breaks... no trouble!

4. People who don't know what or who Red vs Blue is will give you very strange looks when you tell them you're the Featured User. And even more stranger looks during and after you explain to them what it is... no matter how happy you look.

There are more... way more....

Well I'm out for the day now. The boss is treating me and the other staff to a "fancy spancy" dinner... Glad I wore a jacket with big pockets today! Steaks for breakfast tomorrow!

This goes out to all those beautiful and awesome girls out there:


Happy Holidays to you and yours!