Well the haul was good. Here is the breakdown, thx to my very generous parents.
1.fossil watch
2.fossil wallet
3.big dawg clothing
4.one wireless controller for 360
5.play and charge kit for ^
6.cologne and body wash.
7.call of duty 2
8.need for speed most wanted
9-11.Star Wars Ep: 1,2,&3 on dvd.
12.Offspring Greatest Hits
13.M.P. and the Search for the Holy Grail on dvd.
14.Fantastic Four on dvd
15.Condemned: Criminal Origins
16.Demon Days
17.100 bucks from my wonderful aunt.

It was a good Christmas. My mom sorta took the whole thing with her mini cooper. She got it a little while and ago and still cant get over how cool it is. Chili red with the white bonnet stripes with the black pinstripes. Checkerboard on the mirrors and sunroof. She is proud. W/e.