Heres what I got:

1. Clothes x alot= too many clothes
2. Batman Begins
3. Star Wars Episode 3
4. Dragon Quest VIII
5. Money

And with that money.....I went to Media Play since it is closing and bought stuff that wasnt clothes. Evrything for the most part was 30%- 50% off, except videogames was only 20%.
Heres what I got:

1. Gundam 8th MS team- complete series
2. Zeta Gundam- first 10 episdoes
3. Equilbrium = AWESOME MOVIE
4. Transformers game for ps2
5. Rise of Nations - both games
all for 100 bucks would of been like 150-175 without discounts.
So I hope everyone had a good Christmas and hope you have a Happy New year. I have to go write an article for the newspaper now. Bye!