So yeah I'm usually a pretty big underachiever, yeah I know its shocking but true, anyways this year to get into the faculty of bussiness (cause I ran screaming from computer science once I realized the monster it truly is) I had to maintian a GPA of 3.2. This is quite a challenge for someone who has never gotten above a 2.3, so I tried this studying thing that everyone keeps talking about. Anyways long story short I worked my ass off and got a 3.6 - I think the red team put it best when they said "Owned fucking owned, I saw that owned!" Anyways I'm so happy I thought I would share this with the random assortment of people who read this crap I write. I'm still reasonably sure most of you are 14 and borderline retarded, but just in case all of your aren't I put in the "random" so I can delude myself into thinking I'm nice. speaking of mental defficiency I'm going on a drunken and ski trip for the next 8 days.