Is life worth living if there is nothing to live for????

Are people born evil of do they become evil by the torment of life?

What where to happen if your lifes work was lost?

Is murder murder if u murder to save a life?

Is it selfish to save your life insted of another?

Can you live knowing you could have done something to save a life but you didnt because you didnt wont to?

If you are the one who made fun of someone and they commited sewicide does that make you a murder?

If a car acdent is your fault and you killed someone in the acdent, are you then a murder?

In war who is the right one and who is the wrong one??

If you saw a crime and didnt tell anyone is that the same as actuly doing it?

Can you tell on your friend that you know is going to do something horriable?

If you got a gril pregnant(or if you got pregnant) would you tell your Friends, boy/gril friend that you cheated on and then your parents?

What is more important the life of a four year old or the life of an eighty year old?

Who is more important in your life your parents for they have raised you, your brothers and sisters for they have always been your best friends, or your friends at school?

Do you care what people think about you and the people you talk too?

Why would you care this is your life and no-one else is in it. When you die do you think people will rember you for how many friends you have or the people you talked to, no, it is what you did to help other people have a good life and how many people you saved in the end