We shouldent have been there and everyone knew it. There was a bad smell in the air, something was wrong. We contuned into the feild,watching the trees.Then a shadow danced along the tree line. No-one moved sitting low in the tall grass. A rore ripped across the feild, and with that Higgens slowley fell to the ground, there was a look in his eyes of horrer. He knew what was happening,but the rest of us didnt. Another rore flew across the feild throughing Jones to his knese. I quickly looked over just in time to see my Lt. get shot through the head. The blood was everywhere, even on my face. I tryed to find the rest of my squad, but no-one I was all alond in the biggest war of all time. The fear struck me as I grew scared no terrerfid. There was a noise, the loudest noise of all. One had hit me, then another then another. I counted six, may have been more, i dont know. As i lay there on the blood soked feild I rember my mom. She was so caring and loving. Then a feling of sarrow came over me. I should have listened to her insted i told her to go fuck herself. Now i knew why she didnt wont me to go, now i will die in the blood soacked feild.