We touched down right next to them. The gun shots started almost imedialty. Jones was down in a matter of seconds. His blood went everywhere covering the rest of us. Everyone was yelling over the shots. It was no use, I didnt hear a damn thing. I was told to kill and that was what I was doing, killing. There where 90 men when it started. When I was done with then not one standed. The street had become a blood bath. The walls where red most of the way up. I went to check up on the others only to find all of them dead. There bodies where torn open. There guts spred over the ground. It was horrable standing over them looking, staring, standing. My guilt overcame me and im my time of pain, the one that had ran, the one that got away jumped out from behind me. How could i have been so stupid. The one rule that kills most of us. Dont give in to guilt and i disobayed it. Now as the pain of the knife and the bulet entered my mind. I tore the knife out of me and as the second shot hit me i stabed that fucker right between the forhead. As i watched the life leave him i started to wink and forces the knife deeper and deeper into the back of his mind.

Now i lay next to the rest of my men who where lifeless and gave up. Letting the blood out pint by pint. Slowly i slipped into the darkness and then it was over.