This whole "Evolution vs. ID" debate is really getting old and pissing me off.

So, let me simplify it a bit and argue as to why we do not need to teach Evolution in the class rooms, neither do we need to teach creationism or Intelligent Design, for the already established fact that schools teaching religious ideas in the classroom if a fundamentally dangerous and risky thing to do.

You might argue that evolution is not a religious establishment or idea; something that many scientists trumpet daily. I even read just the other day that evolution is the pillar of all organic science, and to remove it from the classroom will fundamentally stunt the knowledge of our precious youth.

This statement denying that evolution is not a religious idea, or more neutrally a fundamental worldview is false.

All worldviews, and in relation all religions and ethics serve the purpose of explaining or denying that we may or may not owe something to someone or something higher than us, from a concept, place, or God.

All worldviews either acknowledge a higher power, or prove that one doesn't exist, because logically, if a higher power exists AND is either responsible for us or cares about us, we should work to be on it's better side.

This can involve praying, fasting, belief, doing good works, taking care of Mother Nature, doing drugs, all sorts of stuff.

Conversely, other more nebulous worldviews will either acknowledge a higher power and reject or ignore it, choose to just ignore the whole religious thing (Agnostics) and not search period, or prove or deny the absence of a higher power completely from this world as we know it.

Evolution is used to prove that even if there is a higher power or God, it had no part in our creation, and therefore has no rightful stake in our lives, and we owe nothing to any god if there really is one.

While I have been told that Evolution is secular, I can't even count how many times my personal beliefs have been attacked using Evolution.

Doesn't seem very “areligous†to me, now does it?

Rather, I see Evolution is a state sanctioned "non-religious worldview" that in reality is an unofficial form of religion (although many vigorously deny this), being taught while other trains of valid thought are being blocked out as violating the separation of church and state.

Remove Evolution from the classroom and avoid this stupid mess; those who want to learn about it will find the information we seek, and schools can focus more time and extremely limited resources on more educational parts of science, like chemistry or anatomy.

Maybe then our students might actually pass the standardized tests that are foisted on our student population every 6 weeks to see if their "Making progress in the five core principles of unguided academic learning and application of synthesized concepts"

In short

Evolution = Worldview

Worldviews include religions

If a worldview is going to be taught in the classroom, the other worldviews should not be blocked out

However, I personally think it’s just easier and more logical to leave that mess for College.

Standardized tests = B.S.

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