Alright well I went to the auto store (because they have the best paint to paint with) and I couldn't find a color to fit the standard issue SPARTAN green for my master chief sculpture. So needless to say I haven'e quite finished the painting just yet. I'm going out shortly to see if I can find a more typical green and I'll mis it with some silver to make it shine. I got silver today to use on the tips of his feet and for his visor (I know the visor is gold but I wanted to try silver. I think it looks pretty good). I tried taking the flat black I have and mix it with the silver. It created a gun metal color with a bit of shine. It kinda looks like Tex's armor. Not bad but I'm going to do the green. Once it's finished I'll make sure to get some pictures up.

I'm looking foreward to all of your comments on what you think of the sculpture. Also keep feeding me some ideas of anything you would like to see that is Halo related (it doesn't have to be just sculpting). If you have an idea you would like to see sculpted, made, drawn, written, whatever, this is the place to spill out your thoughts. If you have any friends that would like to share their ideas feel free to send them this way. If I get the green tonight I promise to post the pics ASAP tonight. Keep your eyes open.