today was actually pretty cool. I got home from school and i called my friend pat from way back because he moved down here. We hung out for a few hours. It was funny because he brought over Taco Bell and i had nothing to eat but he got tacos for himself and not me. we talked and it was cool. We then head out to get newspaper to look for places to live for pat. We went to my friend Judy's apt to see if there were any apts near her for rent. well there wasn't but she witnessed a brushfire on someone's lawn and dialed 911. we got to the scene and it smelled like pig roast. on the way back to his car, we looted lawns for newspapers to see if there were any apts to look at. after that we headed down to see some old vintage cars and i showed him the General Lee (I'm so sorry Amy) and he was suprized while we looked at it I saw a busted up purple 70's barracuda that looked like a migrant worker owned it. we then searched for real estate magazines. and whats funny whas that we found a 71 firebird with a blown tire at the gas station. we had mcdees and left for home and saw a shelby cobra. ( I saw a lot of vintage cars today) We went home watched tv and he left.

Heres what vintage cars I saw today (In order they appeared)
-68 Dodge Charger 500
-71-72 Plymouth Barracuda
-69 Dodge Charger R/T (General Lee)
-71 pontiac firebird with a tire blown
-69 Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra
(look for pics online to get an image of what i saw)

Can't wait for that vintage car show Saturday morning. (if you want to go message me)

In the computer world i got a new computer case as you all know and im not used to new cases so i didn't have instructions I screwed up and have to take the Mobo out and read the directions now that i finally have them. A computer nerd can always be wrong at times and this is one of them.

peace love n Jesus