Back to school. Which means a second stab at calculus, my last semester of physics, and finally back into a chemistry class. I'm only taking three classes this semester, but they add up to 13 credits and two 3 hour labs so I think I'm set.

Getting up at 6:30 everyday is going to get really old, really fast. But hey, maybe it'll force my ass to be productive and use my time wisely or something. Optimism never hurt anyone.

I am desparately trying to move the hell out of my parent's house. My mother didn't speak to me (literally didn't say a word to me) for four days before Christmas because she thinks I'm a drunk lush. First off, I've never been to the bar more than 2 times in a week, so how am I a drunk? Secondly, she asks, "What do you think people are saying when they see you and Nick walking into the dorms together?" My answer, "Well, they probably think we're dating...which is okay because we are!"

My older brother was somewhat socially inept so I think she's just having a hard time dealing with the normal social life of a college student. My dad, thankfully, takes my side and so I really haven't had any restrictions put on my behavior. But I still get comments and my mom still makes me feel bad about going out and having fun. So I'm moving out as soon as I am monetarily able to do so. Hopefully in the fall -- perhaps later, we'll see. Its hard to justify taking out loans to move out when I have absolutely no debt right now. If it comes down to it though, my last year of school I will. Just to get the fuck away.

Other than that...not much new. I miss being a sponsor but I'm fucking poor. And you don't even know how poor I mean. Like I said -- I have no loans. Oh, and unlike the rich kids, mommy and daddy don't pay for my school. I do. So I have absolutely no debt, but that means I have absolutely no money. Woo.

Life is good. I miss you kids. Look for a journal entry about seeing the last tour of Les Miserables down at the Ordway sometime after I see it on Wednesday night. I am beyond excited. I will be leaving a stain on the seat I'm in (12th row, dead center). ;) Much love to my homies...did Joshie get my Xmas card??

Cloud, you are my new favorite. Followed closely by trekkiewheel. *Mwah*