A really stupid idea, but I'm planning on doing it anyways.

As most of you in Indy know, we have several reservoirs around the Indianapolis area.
One of them, Eagle Creek Reservoir, has had a legend among both fishermen and divers alike that keep them out of the water. I have until but recently not found a dive buddy willing to go with me into the reservoir to see what stuff we might find.

It has been claimed that at the deepest part of the reservoir there resides giant Catfish so enormous that they could swallow a man whole. While you may think that this is ridiculous, remember that catfish can live for over 120 years, and most all fish' sizes are to some extent determined by the environment they live in. The little goldfish we all imagine in the 2 gallon fish bowl can actually grow very large if it can survive in a lake long enough not to get eaten.

So in short:

Eagle Creek is huge.

The catfish that are in there may be huge.

No divers I knew wanted to go dive in the reservoir because they are afraid they might get eaten by a catfish

I have finally found 2 other buddies that are willing to go and explore this so called legend and see if it’s true

Assuming we can get permission from the park ranger, I plan to go with a couple buddies and see if we can catch/photograph whatever abnormally large fish we can find.

However, I'm going to buy a dive knife before I go, just in case. smiley8.gif