Remember my last journal about my planned encounter with "Jaws"?

Actually, I dont think Jaws is an apt name for a gargantuan catfish

How about "Whiskers"?

Anywho, my thinking about knifing a giant man eating bottom feeder got me wondering about what other things fish might to do to fight back against the evil fisherman. And Lo and Behold,
This shows up in my mailbox, sent by my mother who also has heard about my "foolhardy stupid idiotic" plan.

This has been verified by snopes as being true; check it out!

Pissed off carp. Wow. Having the double curse of being extremely stupid (fish in my opinion are even more stupid than most humans, and thats saying a lot smiley0.gif ) and having an aggression issue towards boats doesn't seem like the most healthy combination in the world.

In other news, my little poor laptop's soul is still possesed by 666 demons, according to my AdAware program, which can seem to come up with an exorcism of any kind. I think thats also rather odd.

Finally, I found the wet suit pictures, I just need to edit them before I post them, cheerio!

If you find any spelling errors, I didn't feel like proofreading today, so tough tiddlywinks.