I still feel the same way about you and there is nothing that can change how I feel about you
My life is nothing with out you but the only thing I can do is just smile and look at you
My feelings are so strong but yet I feel so far away from you some say distance but I say left out nut that is just the week side of me
I can't wait to leave Texas just this last time who knows maybe my last will stay the last How strange how life can be
The only person who knows how I really am is you I try so hard to change so that I can throw you off the real me but it ends up making me seem like an ass
for that I am sorry It was always my fault never yours now I know why you tried so hard to keep me the same way I was be for the new and improved is much better than the old and wanna be me before my life was built up on lies but now I'm not scared to be myself around you I promise because that is one thing that I can give you that and my love and every thing else but it is up to you to take from me what you want I have nothing to hide from or be scared from because I know that there will always be some one out there ~Valentine~