Well, on goes the saga that is my family... The divorce between my mom and stepdad is turning nasty, I mean really nasty... Oh well enough of that, on to better things. My hubby is heading up to New Jersey for a week or so to do some work. He will be gone from around the 4th until the 15th or so... That kind of sucks cause well he will miss Valentine's day, but you know I actually don't mind too much. He is leaving for work and besides it's like valentine's day every day... **** MUSHY ALERT **** We have been together for 10 years in May and married for about 7 years..and let me tell you married life couldn't be any better... Don't get me wrong GOD HE CAN PISS ME OFF, but you know those little irritations are nothing compared to the good things about him.... and this crap my mom is going through just makes us appreciate each other even more... ok well enough of the mushy crap... **** END MUSHY ALERT ****

Anyway, life is grand and I plan on hunting down my stepdad soon, I don't know what for yet I just know it will be bad!!! Very bad!!!! LOL
I hope all is going well with you guys and gals and I will check in with you all later.

Peace and Chicken Grease!!!