ok so this is my 2nd contest i have dun.theres only 10 people in this one but thay all still want the prize and i no ideer who is going to win.sooo....

heres the prizes....

1st place 25 mod points
2nd place 10 mod points

heres the Rules....

THE Rules
1.you can only vote ones a day
2.you can only vote for one person at a time
3.each round is 3 days each

and heres the nominees....

1.spawn6663 (1)
2.Corvettedg8 (13)
4.KrlsTiN07 (13)
5.wolfey (13)
6.breath (12)

and i still need some votes in the contest im in soooo plz vote here

p.s this week im am very sad as someone in my family has died so plz no fuckin around in this one.ok