Okay, so after working in the morning, I went to a concert on Saturday. I only stayed for three bands, because I wanted to go skate. The first band wasn't so great. They had talent, but I didn't really like the music. The second band that went up was called Space Cadet. I liked the music so much, I bought their two produced cd's and an EP. They were freaking amazing. And tall. The shortest one was probably 6' 3". You can hear their music on their Myspace. The second one was Firekills. I know most of the guys in the band, and me and my friend are staying with the lead singers brother when we go to South By Southwest in Austin in March. (SxSW is a four day music festival in downtown Austin, Tx. It's going to cost me $110 for an access bracelet, but it there are going to be about 1300 bands in Austin during the festival.) After that I talked to Jamie for a while, and went to the skatepark. I missed Negative 263 and Vallejo. Dammit. O well. There will be more. And I will go.


And I didn't put links up for me. Click them. It's really good music.