I can still actually use photoshop! Wooo!
I been playing around with some of the shots I did with the new wetsuit on, and I must say I like two of them, which I subsequently edited extensively and put in my images section.

This is fun!

I think I'll get photos of my suit next when I actually wear it again, and post those after getting the correct background/color/mood.

In other news, I'm getting really sick of school. I hate my college, I hate my classes, (Really just Chemistry and Math) and I hate my place of employment.

I need a vacation. According to my course list, I have 10 more credits of Chemistry at least, about 15 or more credits of math, not to mention a load of classes that I was supposed to take my first year but didn't have the prerequisites for.

I better make a lot of money and really enjoy my job for all the hassle I have to go through for a decent education.

For those of you who don't know, I'm currently in Biomedical Engineering, planning on at least a Masters and probably Medical School to be able to implant my creations myself.

I then want to start my own research company that builds prototypes and makes patents on advanced implantable prosthetics and other types of cyborg enhancements. New eyes, hands, the whole bit. I'll work out a prototype, patent it, then probably sell the production rights to the highest bidder, assuming I don't eventually start my own production plant.

Then I'll retire, tinker with stuff, play frisbee golf, probably suffer a stroke, wait around in a nursing home for a few years, then die and have myself cremated or something.

Sounds like a plan, huh?