So, I looked over my last journal the other day, and I said to myself:

"Self, look at this whiny little bitch. If he doesn't like his life, why doesn't he do something about it?"

Why, Indeed.

Therefore, I am launching The Legend Project
and be able to change some of my more negative lifestyle aspects to better suit myself as a person.

Phase 1: Organize
Get my room, possesions, and school work organized. I already have my car cleaned out, so half the battle is done.

Phase 2: Get School caught up
Catch up on my homework and notes, get great grades.

Phase 3: Retrain body
I used to be able to do some crazy stunts, which have lapsed badly due to loss of strength.
Gym membership, Running, and possibly work on a tan smiley8.gif

Phase 4: Get Car, Apartment, New Job, possibly new college
This is a long term phase, due in about one year. I need more cash, and getting a Pell grant for college won't happen unless I'm out of the house and fully independant, and poorer 'n hell.

Phase 5: Take a martial arts class
Just cause I wanted to for a while, probably Jujitsu, with maybe some Bo staff and stuff thrown in.

Phase 6: Divemaster
Thats right, Divemaster. And hopefully DMT too. (Dive medical technician)
Maybe a BCD, full fask mask, Apeks ATX 200 or XTX 200, and a dry suit?

Phase 7: Drum lessons again?
I canceled my drum lessons with Chad for the time being, because I didn't really feel I could devote enough time to practicing and justifying the expense. Maybe I can work it in again?

Phase 8: Dress better?
I'm not sure about this one. I'm going to try to take better care of my body with more hair cuts, floss every day, etc.
However, I've been toying with the idea of dressing up more when I go to school and in general. Not sure how I feel about this, though. Any thoughts from my loyal readers?

There you have it, a roadmap to peace to a better person.
Estimated time: 1 year, I hope.

I think it will take a solid month for each phase to get myself into the habit of doing these things. Lets see how far I can get before I either lose interest or somehow lapse.

gambitq72: Extreme lifestyle makeover edition

Stay tuned, comment if you like. smiley0.gif