Well, theres this kid at my school. And my friends wanted to get on his AIM, so they told me to get his password. Well, first I made an account called aimcontrolmsg. Then, I sent him a message that said:

AIM Control Msg: You have logged on in two different locations. Please type your password to log off all other locations.

So then he sent me his password, so I went on his account and sent the pass to my friends.

Well the kid got pissed and told his parents. His parents called the police (so he says). I have no idea if I can get in trouble for this or not, but I dont want to deal with it at all. Im kinda nervous about it, and Im so pissed that he told his fucking parents. I mean wtf. Anyway, time to go watch the superbowl.

One of my friends was the one who told him it was me. He wasnt there, but this is the conversation that I left him. It should be slightly entertaining. Oh, and if you'd like to know, I made it all up, on the spot:

(21:58:24) EDM -: hey
(21:58:26) EDM -: you there?
(21:58:39) EDM -: I want to talk to you. About your immense faggotry
(22:04:54) EDM -: Words cannot describe how immensly mad I am at you.
(22:05:01) EDM -: You have made a very unfortunate enemy.
(22:05:32) EDM -: This reminds me of a story.
(22:05:57) EDM -: There was a lioness, and her cubs would wait at the den while she would hunt.
(22:06:11) EDM -: Every day she would go out and bring food back for her young.
(22:06:33) EDM -: One day, the youngest of the cubs, Samuel, waited for its mother with a knife.
(22:06:52) EDM -: When she came with the food, he stabbed her, and his fellow cubs, in the back with the knife.
(22:07:03) EDM -: He then proceeded to eat said cubs and mother.
(22:07:28) EDM -: After that he was very, very fat, so much so that his fatness totally consumed his thoughts.
(22:07:42) EDM -: The days passed when all he thought about was how fat he was.
(22:08:45) EDM -: He forgot about his father, who was on a long journey to buy a large automatic weapon in order to protect the young and his companion. One day the cub was fast asleep, and the father came back from his journey.
(22:09:18) EDM -: Finding the devoured carcasses of his family, and his youngest samuel with his blood stained lips,
(22:09:33) EDM -: he infered what happened from the picture.
(22:10:43) EDM -: He then proceeded to take his revenge, as he penetrated the flesh of young Samuel, with thousands of tiny pellets that were propelled out of his newly aquired automatic weapon.
(22:11:17) EDM -: Samuel was ripped to threads, his bloody remains litterally smeared the walls of the lion den.
(22:11:47) EDM -: The sticky combination of brain matter and bloody remains covered the father, as he shook in anger.
(22:12:17) EDM -: Then the father left, and pondered as to why his smallest, most innocent boy, would betray him so thouroughly.
(22:13:41) EDM -: The next day the father came back to the den, having been driven insane by nightmares of hideous demonic nature, hither unkown to the peoples of this region.
(22:14:27) EDM -: He proceeded to draw demonic pentagonal symbols on the walls and ceiling, and other morbid words such as, "kill", "blood", "revenge".
(22:15:44) EDM -: This he did for three days, until the blood eventually dried into a dark red sticky substance that resembled old toothpaste in texture.
(22:17:24) EDM -: The lion was extremely devoid of all sanity, and such a condition was not very fortunate for the other innocent creatures of the jungle.
(22:18:05) EDM -: The lion would frequently disembowel rabbits, watching then scamper around without certain limbs. The rabbits were killed, and painfully.
(22:18:44) EDM -: One time he came across a deer who resembled Bambi.
(22:19:09) EDM -: The dear was eating fruits from a bush, and drinking from a cool stream.
(22:20:38) EDM -: The lion captured it, and commited strange sexual acts in it, involving needles and leather and a large device known only as the pineapple exfixiation plunger.
(22:21:04) EDM -: Several months of this treatment went on until it was discovered by the lion that Bambi was pregnant.
(22:21:48) EDM -: Wanting to avoid another incident with this new child, he killed Bambi and slit open her abdomen.
(22:21:59) EDM -: He proceeded to take the fetus, and eat it.
(22:22:10) EDM -: Then he had sex with Bambi's carcass, and threw it in a river.
(22:22:40) EDM -: The lion eventually died from a rare form of Chlorea, after several months of terrorizing and raping this small peaceful section of the rainforest.
(22:23:02) EDM -: And the moral of the story is, dont fuck over those who have trust in you, because very, very bad things can happen.