I have a girlfriend, whom I love. She's kinda one of my ex's best friends... and kinda one of my friend's ex. I've been with her for a while... uh... can not count how long. Before christmas. Her birthday was in October... not sure if we where going out. Whatever.

I've broken a solem vow never to buy Warhammer again, and have spent about £500 on the crap. I now have a rather impressive 2k of Necrons, 15 hundred points of Imperial Guard with a Daemon Hunter contingent, 1k of Slaaneshi Chaos and 1k of Tomb Kings.

I still can't be bothed to update my images.

Getting po'd that there's not been a new Ep in ages.


Reading Order of the Stick.


Images updated and better than ever... well not really any better than last time. Maybe a bit worse. Most of them are new images.