I was standing in my little box at work today, greeting people and fixing the occasional problem, thinking like I normally do, when something dawned on me:

What is the deal with Aquired taste?

I think it is the wierdest concept ever; think about it: You start drinking something (Like coffee) or eating something (like sauerkraut or those mentho-lyptus cough drops) and your mouth tells you, "This stuff tastes like crap!"

But then, you drink or eat it again, either because you need it for some reason, or you are consuming the food or drink due to peer pressure: Drink up, It's just coffee, wimp!

And your mouth still says "Again? This stuff still tastes awful!"

So, what happens to change our brain's (or tounge's) mind to start liking the taste?

Do our taste buds say, "Hell, If we're going to see this stuff everyday, we may as well pretend we like it"?

Or does our brain somehow rewire it's "tasty sensory region" because it's sick of listening to our mouth whine about the taste?

Or, is it true that we steadily lose our sense of taste as we age, and that stuff that we found disgusting before is no longer so because our tounge has gone from a fine wine connoisseur to a thunderbird quaffing bum?

Think about that for a bit