So Les Miserables was beyond amazing. We got to tour backstage, see all their neato contraptions, and I was speechless as the cast walked past me (idiot!). At any rate, it was quite the evening. I cried 6 times during the performance, including a long weeping session at the very end. Then Nick and I took a walk through the Winter Carnival park outside under all those cool lights and checked out the ice sculptors at work. Then we went and tried to find a place to get coffee, but alas, we settled for eating McDonald's in the car. When we finally got back up to St. Cloud and got to bed -- we were both so tired, and I had to be up so early that we just went to sleep. But not before he told me he loves me. (!!! >-< !!!) I had been saying it to him for about 2 weeks, just because I couldn't help it. (It violates every rule I have about saying it -- but what can you do when it's the truth?) I didn't want to push him to, so I constantly followed it up with "Don't." But that night, I said it and said, "Don't." and then started to roll over to got to sleep; but he turned my head back toward him with a gentle hand on my chin and looked me in the eyes and said, "I love you." Mmm. It was like a movie scene or something. Just awesome. So I'm happy and head over heels in love. Not-afraid-of-diamonds-anymore love. (That's quite the step for me.)
And about the cancer. On Tuesday, I went back to the doctor for my 3 month follow up about my ovarian cyst. GREAT news. Doc says it has NOT gotten any bigger, and that it is most definitely what they call a "simple" cyst. In layman's terms -- the kind of cyst that is 100% positively NOT cancer. That was quite possibly the best call I've gotten in a month.
So anyway...those are the big updates. Thanks Cloud for the love. And trekkiewheel as well. I'm in love, and that means I have lots to share with you! *Mwah* *Mwah* *MWAH!*