As my thread about my threads all getting locked was locked I will post it here and show up these stupid sons of bitches who keep locking me out.

I have posted in my history with RT hundreds of times and started a good number of threads and nearly all of them get locked with out explaination or they get locked with the explaination being that some other shumck started a thread similar to mine nine months ago and it died.....but apparently I am stil supoose to post their. This is pissing me off and I would like the people's thoughts on this. I mean with new posts every 45 seconds am I really expected to search 25 pages of posts from months before just to make sure I am orignal? No body is orginal and repeat threads are invetible. It is my opinion that these punks leave me alone. I paid my sponsership....I paid my admission fee....Let me post what I want and if it is really bad nobody else will post and my thread will die. I think it is pretty presumpious to think that one person can shut down a thread just because they dont like it. If you dont like it close the damn window and move on to your next activity. No one is making you read it!

Okay, I have made my peace. Thanks for reading my rambles. If you would like to comment please do. If you dont like it, MOVE ON AND LEAVE MY THREAD ALONE!!!!!