That has to do with what just happened, I put on SOAD mesmirize and went back on the net, then I realised the music was'nt playing so I brought WMP back up and it was halfway through B.Y.O.B. I thought: Thats unusual, I looked to the right, the speaker was'nt on.
I think thats the stupidest thing I've done this month : P
Anyway, I have this week off, I've got study and work to do, I'm starting tomorrow. I've also started playing Half-life 1, I'm about halfway through the Apprehension chapter.
Also its valentines day soon, I've got no plans, has anyone here got some???
I'm intending to do my comics soon.
It was my birthday on the 14th of January and I still have not got my presents, Agggg.

Well thats just about all. Have fun everyone <------ I should be a poet.

Edit: A Polish Student just came to the door, I bought a cool horse picture, I know I just cant tell a good artist to go away cos I'm a stingy f**ker but they were good.
And I would like to point out that my father and mother are stingy when it comes to students, my bro might be, but i am not