Well a quick update I guess. Still busy on getting my teaching career going, all is going well, all my classes right now I got A's and since I'm taking 20 credit hours I'm pleased. My tutoring with adults and kids continues to be fun and look forward to going there most of the week, except today since its cold and snowy and I don't feel like driving there. Haven't had much time to play videogames really, but I recently got into Empire at War and cant wait for it to come out in a few days. That and Command And Conquer the First Decade, which has all 12 games on 2 DVDs. Besides that though I don't have many games left that I want, Kingdom Hearts 2, Dirge of Cerberus and maybe a few others. I have alot of anime to watch still. Got Z Gundam, Hellsing, Fushigo Yugi(can't spell) and One Piece, not ot mention a crap load of others I can't remember. Well hope everyone is doing well as always, I'm off to go tutor some kids in this freezing cold.


Big O