No, I don't have it.


As many of you know, The Bird Flu seems to be the next pandemic that our world has been attempted to head off; and was doing a fairly successful job of it, until now.

Bird Flu has been found in Nigeria and one neighboring nation. As a result, millions may suffer.

Want to know why? The Nigerian Government seems to feel that admiting that it has a problem is a loss of face, and therefore will not acknowledge the beginning epidemic in their own country. They have not told their people, and they refuse to do any preventative measures to help combat the spread of this disease.

Excuse my french, but that is Fucking Bullshit. Pure Bullshit.

I don't normally like to swear in my journals, but this mindset could possibly kill a lot of people, yet these corrupt leaders don't seem to care. They have the same mindset as did (of do) the Soviets, the Russians, the Chinese, the Slavic Nations, the North Koreans, and any communist nation or dicatatorship.

Same thing happened with the Kursk, the Train wreck in North Korea, the Chernobyl accident.

And its not like we aren't going to find out. The country ends up looking ignorant and stubborn by killing their own people by their own inaction, while rebuffing the rest of the concerned world's offers of help.

Nigeria now has Bird Flu, and refuses to act on it. Therefore, the rest of Africa will have Bird Flu. The African continent doesn't have the resources to deal with this disease.

Then the rest of the world will follow, as the largest continent will be overrun with the flu, and there is no mathmatical possibility that it can be contained there.

I propose that this willful stupidity should be considered an international crime, something comparable to genocide or war crimes; it should be considered a crime against humanity to allow epidemics or pollution, or anything harmful to large parts of the world due to the attempted saving of supposed national pride. What would have happened if Chernobyl's accident had been dealt with by the world, not just those who created the problem?
Wouldn't we be better off?

Consequently, any leader or govenment who conceals harmful evidence of an impending disaster that could or will harm innocent people must be held accountable by the soverign nations of the world.

Statehood does not, and should not protect a government from the responsibility of preventable deaths through inaction and silence.

The silence of one may have grave consequences for many.