SO I got my gift from my wife last night. It was a book for us to do together, some candy, a card, "fun" dice (no not the sick kind...Walmart brand) and a scratch off card....
Yeah a scratch of card....scratch 3 spots and thats what I get as part of my gift. I thought "yeah ok" and did just that. It said I got a movie at my place anytime. Except upon further review of said card the spelling of movie wasn't quite on.......

Yep it says...moive. Either the spelling is some warped version of spanish or some version of Jewish....not sure which but it was still pretty funny for my wife and I. Nope, no name or claim as to who's it was so....can't write and mock them...DAMMIT!!

SO... For my lovely wife, I got a singing telegram sort of thing. It is a quartet from my church. They sing 3 or 4 song, give a card, rose and a picture to remember the moment. Not to shabby for $40 and the money goes to my church! Great me thinks!!

Well, that's all I got. Want to get some gaming in today and be lazy. Happy Valentine's Day all!!!!! Hope all of you gets your smiley12.gif on!!!