So it's been awhile since I've posted a journal. Well I found a church that I LOVE. The first time I went I knew I belonged there. The people are awesome and are on fire for God and it has definitely helped me have a better relationship with God. I've been hangin' out with Remnant (the college aged group) a lot and I've been havin' a blast. We're goin' to D.C. this comin' up Saturday. I'm gettin' re-baptized this comin' up Sunday. Both of which I'm really excited about. This weekend is takin' forever to get here. But of course I know I won't want it to end. Other than that I really haven't been up to much. I've just been workin' some. I definitely need a better payin' job that'll give me more hours and will give me benifits. But I don't wanna do anything stupid so I'm just gonna pray about it and then do whatever God leads me to do. Tryin' to save up some money so I can go back to Germanna (the local community college for those of ya who don't know) this comin' up fall. Gonna take some business classes and culinary classes. Though I'll have to go to a community college in Richmond to take the culinary classes 'cause Germanna doesn't offer culinary classes unfortunately. Well that's it for now I guess. If I missed anything then I'll write another entry. Til next time.