finally 16 people in my tournament

anyway this is how it works
u go up against eachother one on one

and these are the matches:

jeterster vs. -(in the forest)

Inuyasha8794 vs. sh3ll bullet (in the desert)

QTMilarky vs. Fullmetal88 (in the warehouse)

Wolfey vs. Halofreak (in the town center) defeated

Cabooster132 vs. LLchurch77 (in the snow mountains)

Wanderer6669 vs. caboose9117 (a lake near a giant waterfall)

ShadowMX17 vs. iceemblem32 (in a cemetary)

miroku7941 vs. Manic_chan (at the beache)

those are the matches
first round will be tomorow/ tonight either way
then the next match starts on the next day and so on.
evry match starts at 6:00 pm whenever ur both on

the prize is 50 mods
so ther u go hav fun