So my kids have off of school today because of snow....except that its NOT snowing right now!!! We got 2 inches or so last night and are expected to get 8 to 12 more by tonight.
Two things on that...
One...Its WI people!! this stuff happens!!! Since when does anyone anywhere listen to the weather here and it's exactly as predicted?? Wait five minutes and all that jive!

Second...when I was my kids age it had to be knee deep, subzero and white out for us to get out of school! Now a weatherman say yeah we have a "chance" of snow and BAM! they get off??Come on! Not to mention (but I will) the fact that it has been unseasonably warm here as of late and snow has been very, very slim pickings....I still havent figured out days off for too cold here yet I know we never got that when I went to school! I could see if it was really bad out right now but there isnt a strong wind and again it isnt snowing right now!
Well, I guess it would be alright if I got off of wont job doesnt care about us getting in accidents on the way to work. At least I have the first round of snow removed from the sidewalks and driveway.....more to come! smiley8.gif