WOW...So I had a enough snow in my driveway when I went to work that it came up to the frame of my wifes car. No biggy...I love the challenge! I knew last night that getting out was only the begining of the adventure as it was still snowing and had to get back in! Had a guy from work follow me home and as i got close to the driveway, I GUNNED IT! Plowed through the snow bank that was my drive way and made it in...stuck but in....If you know me there is no such thing as stuck in winter. I opened the garage door and rocked that car HARD...gunned it and got in. WOOHOO!
I had to do it again in the morning as I dont get up until its time for school. Got up, got everyone dressed and checked the driveway. Yeah my buddy matted it down a little with his truck but I am an excellent snow driver. GOt the kids in and told them to buckle up! It was gonna be one heck of a ride. I backed out but there was no way I was going to back to the street. Snow was hard and packed now so I opted to turn around in the driveway....backed up for room and gunned to the front of my Y turn and put it in reverse.....WEEEEEEE!! spun the wheel and let physics work! The car spun right where I needed it. I viewed my often busy street for traffic and told my kids to hold on.... THen we got that "moment of truth" area. You know the one where you know a car could be coming but you hope not and put the gas down...and stopped cuz the snow was too deep at the end.....well I was stuck...and good too! My son couldnt open his door! So I put it in reverse and gunned it again....thank GOd my wife has her automatic tranny shifter between the seats. WAY easier to shift fast! AND I DID! WOW...just gunned it and rocked from DRIVE to REverse until I got out. Got the kids to school and parked on the street for my wife to go to work. I asked my kids.."Now, you do you want to teach you to drive when its time??" In chorus it was...."you dad!" Yeah..I ROCK!

So thats my morning minus shoveling....gotta do that yet...
OH MOD CONTEST!!!! 100 mod pts to the person who shovels my driveway the fastest!!! COME ON said ANYTHING!!
/brokenshovelsnowremoval smiley8.gif