I have finally figured out what I am doing for spring break:

Going on a 130 foot deep wreck dive on sunday, and another wreck dive on wednesday.
The rest of the week will involve whatever my friend and I can come up with.

Sounds like fun, don't it?

The 130 foot wreck dive is going to be a challenge, as it is at the extreme limit of where my certifications allow me to dive. Usually the tables only allow you a 8 minute bottom time, unless we are going to do deco stops. (If you stay at pressure longer than allowed on the dive models at a certain depth, the percentage of nitrogen content in you body tissues passes a safe limit, and you have to ascend to a shallower depth and stop there for a certain time to allow the excess gas to come out of solution and safely work its way out of your body without blocking any blood vessels)

As long as we heed what our dive computers say, we should be perfectly safe.

I'm so excited!