i got this thing in the mail today...
i'm used to getting things like credit card offers and school opprtunities.
but this was odd for me. i've never gotten this before.
i open this shifty looking envelope and find a voucher from ramada hotels, universal studios, alamo rent-a-car, and carnival cruise lines for 1600.00 dollars.
throughly confused and not sure what i recieved i read on..
they wanna give me 1600.00 dollars for going on vacation with them and then filling out a one page survey about my vacation.... just call this number.
so before i call the number and act like a fool going "YEA of course i wanna go on vacation!!" i'm skimming this voucher for the catch. and i'm not finding anything. not only is there a voucher for 1600.00 but theres a voucher for a boarding pass unto carnival cruises to the carribian. and not only that but if i actually go on this vacation they'll send me another one to go to las vagas or mexico...my choice of course.
finally after i'm looking around and reading all the fine print, i finally find the catch. this is an offer to sell travel. the vacation booked must be equal or more then 1000 dollars.
sad thing is.... i just booked a vacation, spring break vacation for myself and my friends at school for 1800.00 dollars. if i had gotten this in the mail a month ago i could have gotten. 1600.00 spending cash. i love how timing works out so well.