i'm getting very excited, i'm throwing a candle party this saturday! i dunno i guess its a girlie thing, i've been to a dozen of them but have never thrown one myself! so i'm looking forward too it! plus it feeds my obsession with candles! i always have about a 1/2 dozen lit in my house everyday! they smell nummy!
i think i get that from my mom, lol shes the same way!
so i get to bake cookies, and all that fun stuff! then go to work that evening, damn mardi gras! lol i get to see older people get smashed! (not that this is different from any normal night) =)
but that is my news! besdies that i'm out of boxes! need to find more! and take a nap! baby sitting tires me out! two lil kids both around the same age in a store, i'll let you use your imagination on how that went, and how they destroyed my house! i found lip stick that they took out my closet scribbled on everything, from the toy box to the bed! lol it was a mess but also pretty funny seeing them covered in it!
have a great thursday all! ps, i'm slowly getting back on the ball with my watch list! =) yay!