Halo: The Fall of Reach Trivia Contest!!!!!!!

Ok people, here it goes, there are 21 count 'em, 21 questions.

smiley9.gif You MUST answer 20 of them correctly to win the current amount of 50 mods, thats right, you can omit 1 question of your choosing, or attempt all 21 of them, and the first incorrect answer willl be omited.

smiley11.gif If you fail to awnser 20+ questions correctly you will receive 0 (zero) mods, unless at the end of the contest i become generous with people whom got close to 20 correct answers, however all entrants have the chance to win at least one mod point

smiley11.gif If you do, however answer all 21 questions correctly, then you will recieve the current amount of 55 mods...

smiley9.gif All submitions must be made by PRIVATE MESSAGING ME, any submitions made in this journal will be deleted, and that person will NOT be able to have another chance.

smiley11.gif You are allowed 5 (five) entrys. Although I cannot force anyone that wants to enter, give a donation, I would appreciate it greatly if everyone that entered donatated at least one mod point towards increasing the overall prize amount.

smiley9.gif When submitting, please copy the questions with your answers, if you need to use more than one message to give me all the answers do so please. Also, on the one question you decide to omit, if you decide to omit one, just type the number with OMIT next to it. Ex: ... 6. "question" "answer" 7. OMIT 8. "question" ...

smiley11.gif All general questions please post in this journal (Private Message specific questions about a particular question), answers to those questions will be posted here, as well as private messaged to the person that asked the question. For some questions there may be more than one correct answer.

Now onto the questions: (HINT: These questions are not nesessarily in chronological order, And remember to be specific where its needed, too much information could be bad as well...)

1. One of Ensign William’s reasons for losing his rank was because of a civilian girl, what was her name, and whose daughter could she have been?
2. What did the Master Chief do to NOT get destroyed by the Scorpion Missile? (Be thorough)
3. Complete this quote, “This is _______, population of ____________ _____ _______ … this world is one of our more __________ and ________ colonies.â€Â
4. Mendez’s personal vehicle is a what, and refitted how?
5. How many people did John’s squad personally harm/kill on their asteroid mission? Tell me how many were harmed/killed and where they were harmed/killed.
6. When John looked up “Mjolnir†on the education database, what was its “definitionâ€Â, what did that make John think Project “MJOLNIR†was, and what page did you find this on?
7. What was/is one of the main reasons why the Halcyon-class cruiser was discontinued, also, related to that reason, what was its advantage, and what gave it this advantage?
8. What is the operational life for a “smart†A.I., why is this?
9. What is Admiral Stanforth’s first name, and what page did you find it on?
10. What is the name of the Spartan that died, but was put into a cryo tube with the hope of being able to be resuscitated at a later time?
11. What is the difference in the book, between the MA2B Assault Rifle and the MA5B Assault Rifle, and what page did you find it on?
12. Give me the basic steps John wanted to use to destroy the Covenant ship after leaving the Damascus testing facility?
13. There is a typo somewhere between pages 63 and 83. How is it spelled in the book, what should the word be, and what page is it on?
14. How many times did John ring the bell from the “playground†throughout the entire book, and on what pages is he RINGING the bell?
15. What are the dimensions given in the book for the “ring†the Pillar of Autumn encounters?
16. What is the specific type of atmosphere that Grunts need to breath, and what page did you find it on?
17. When John entered the bridge on the Commonwealth, how many Junior Lieutenants did he see, and what stations were they at?
18. How many clones of Dr. Halsey’s brain did it take to create Cortona, Dr. Halsey's “smart†A.I.?
19. What exactly did the Cradle do, which was mimicked later during the battle of Reach, that bought time for another shot by the rest of the fleet, also, what page(s) did you find it on?
20. When the Covenant invaded Sigma Octanus IV how many dropships did they use?
21. What is the name of John’s home planet, what page did you find it on?

smiley11.gif The prize for this contest is currently 50 mods, I do however have plenty of mods to spare, so the more people that enter the contest, and the more donations I receive towards it, will eventually raise the prize amount. All donations for this contest please be given here. And this contest currently has no end date.

smiley11.gif If you didnt notice by RideFlip11's example there are hidden prizes throughout the contest, be the first person to do something special and recieve something special.

10 Mods awarded to RideFlip11 for being the first person to enter the contest, he attemped 1/21 questions and got 1/21 questions correct.

I reserve the right to raise the amount of prize mods given, the amount of entries allowed, and the end date of the contest, to at least 24 hours from that time, at any time.