So, around last Tuesday, I went to Woodview Elementary to do some volunteer hours.
When I arrived at the cooking class, the second graders where having a recess period. All of them were running around - climbing trees, jumping off tables, chasing each others, showing off cool tricks ... etc. However, when the teacher called out, "snack time," all of them stopped, got in a single file line and waited patiently to get their snack (I swear it was like a Nazi Boot Camp). After each kid got his/her snack, they all sat down around the table and started to eat it. Obviously, when kids eat, they tend to talk to each other, but their subject of conversation was weird. Instead of talking about sports, games, or food, all of them focused on one subject - dating. One kid was going, "I know that this girl like this guy" and another went "I an positive that this guy like you"... So after about five minutes of that, the conversation switch to "how long would you stay with your girlfriend/boyfriend if you have one". Similar to before, everyone has his/her own opinion. One said two weeks, another three, and one guy said one per day. Unfortunately, I happened to walk by at that moment. One of the kids came up to me and asked, "Sir, what grade are you in?"
"Tenth, " I answered.
"Do you have a girlfriend?"
"Huh?!!! You don't, how can you not have one?"
"I'm sorry, I just don't have one."
"Well, if you do, how long would you stay with her?"
"Uh.... can I not answer this question?"
"No, you have to tell me."
At this point, I decided to set a good example for these children, so I said forever. When the kid heard this, he went "Wow, you're a good person." (Embarassing) I am definetely not helping out with cooking class anymore.