Dude...I am absolutely stunned. I logged on, and noticed that I had 10 cool mod points just because I sponsored, which was unexpected, but freakin' awesome! So, then I checked crimsonclad's journal, since she's finally back, and I had TEN mod points, as opposed to having THREE last night, and at that, I exclaimed, "HOLY SHIT!" alloud, almost loud enough for my mom to hear downstairs, even though she's not home yet... Anyway, I gave crimsonclad 2 mod points because I was so happy, then I wanted to see what was what, so I went back to my homepage, and there it was...KARMA LEVEL SEVEN!! I'm almost up to my level 8 from before the holidays, so this is a VERY good day for me.

...that was a very long journal post about a very short incident...but it made me so freakin' happy!! *spazzes*

Karma level 9!!! :~D As of today, crimsonclad is the coolestest person on this site.

--super special double edit--
And, now, ladies and gentlemen, Karma level 10.