I'm sick
I vomited in Mr. Farrells class, and in a bin in the school corridoor. Hehe
I was feeling sick all day, during Geography it was bad, I asked to leave, then when I opened the door BOOM! rocket to the face I puked on the floor.
So now I'm at home. Right now my parents are on a plane to New York, the Gaffneys are looking after me, but I wanted to hang out here (miss the 1st episode of the new Scrubs series i taped last night? I think not). I got the title from SOAD: "This cocaine makes me feel like I'm on this song"

Alas, this is my last Journal, maybe, I'm plannimg on removing my account for 3 months, just to show armyboots I can survive without RT. I'll probly have a different username when I come back.

Yous Sickly,