OK Everyone!!!! heres the new news!!!!

I have recieved 1(one) entry to this contest, truthfully i am EXTREMELY disappointed. i had originally said only one entry but i'm also changing it to 5(five) entries allowed, and the deadline for this contest is now Saturday March 18, 2006

I am also still asking for a mod point donation when you enter, but once again, it is NOT required

Please try for AS MANY questions answered correct as possible, and currently if no one gets at least 20 questions correct the person with the most correct amount of answers will win the second place prize of at least 10 (ten) mods

and just so every one knows, heres the list of all people entered and their score:

rideflip11 has gotten 1/1 attempted questions correct out of a total of 21 with 0 omitted, and a donation of 1 mod point(s)