alright like what haku_sakura is doin
im gonna write my stories and be creative

so wots this about u ask....

well lets put it this way

its about kids who love kicking the shit out of
people who are shit(u no the bad guys, mentals...whatever u want to call them)
and ther are gonna be all kinds of characters but i dnt hav all kinds of chracters
which is wer u guys come in...

i need to no whos gonna be in it or not
leave a comment of ur name and power
and when i hav enough i'll just get goin

so heres my charcter:

name: Wolfey Lone

Age: 15

Hair: short white spikey hair(spikes forward)

eye: yellow(reason is tht he can see the future)

Element: lightning

Main technique: Ravenstrikue

Daemon:Artticus(deamons are like mixed animals put together and is placed into
a human body to give them power, so Artticus is Raven and wolf)

History and purpose:when wolfey was young hos older brotherm Inkukay, burned down his entire clan, family and freinds so he and his brother are the only ones left. his Purpose in life is too avenge and kill Inukay.

Attire: school uniform(white polo shirt, black tie underneathe long sleeve blabck shirt, balck blazer and baggy jeans)

Clan: Raven lone clan, his dad is a wolf and his mum is human(some strange true love)

so yeh anyone wanna be in
just leave a profile of ur character and a comment