Life is inherently meaningless. There is pleasure but there is pain, there is winning but there is loosing, there is success but there is failure, there is life and there is death. All pleasure, all good, is transient. In the end, no one knows anything.

The only reason to hang around is to see what is going to happen.What keeps me going is the sense of wonder and awe at how it all fits together; the way things keep changing but staying the same; the complexity of life and nature and the sense of wonder and excitment that comes with understanding some part of it and seeing the next part just outside my reach.

The things I do for myself are meaningless. But, at times, I can do something for someone else to give them pleasure they would have missed, to help them win when they would have lost, to insure their success when they were headed for failure, to save a life that was about to end. It is only in doing things for others in a selfless way that our lives have meaning.