So without a doubt, this has been an absolutely fantasgreat week.

It all started on monday, when my self-esteem,ego, and general happiness all soared well above normal levels, even though none of those things had any real justification in doing so. You seem this girl in my gov class broke up with her boyfriend and I about flipped. Because it happened long enough ago (though I never heard about it) that I won't feel guilty asking her to prom. So if I'm lucky, I may have a prom date after all. In fact, I became so overly happy that my profile on AIM often didn't remain the same for more than two hours, undergoing constant additions of They Might Be Giants lyrics.

My week continued to improve as the week went on, aided by trips to Value World in search of brown leather bomber jackets for our government video (which we found), and hearing absolutely terrible, horrible supplements to monday's events that are absolutely wonderful as far as I'm concerned. I feel a little guilty about how that conversation worked out, but I didn't start it, and I worked for the best interest of those involved. Or at least, as best that those involved could get by point.

On friday, my sister, Kenton and I rented three movies. The Corpse Bride (amazing), Walk the Line (more amazing), and Army of Darkness (my choice). It was a thoroughly wonderful movie marathon that only served to elate my wonderfully good mood.

On friday, Kenton (with very, very limited help from me) edited my government campaign ad, and I must ay, it's hilarious.

Today, I had to play drums for my church district's "impact team" (which is just a youth choir), but for once I enjoyed myself doing it. I managed to finish up my sem essay, and now here I am, contemplating this week's checklist.