RENTING (DVD, because they're cooler than VHS)
-Keep it for days (or just overnight, but still, it gives you time to see it twice) at cheaper than the price of theater,
-ability to rewind, fast forward, zoom, and any other wonderful feature the DVD player gives you (including volume control),
-special DVD features.

THEATER (Regal Cinemas or some other GOOD theater)
-Big screen,
-surround sound,
-NO DISTRACTIONS (my personal favorite),
-no need to worry about it being too loud because someone's trying to sleep,
-see it before the video comes out,
(just make sure it's not a movie that will attract a huge obnoxious crowd. For a movie like that, just rent it)
-gets you out of the house.

So while renting is better for money purposes, I prefer the theater. The whole NO DISTRACTIONS overules any other options. Along with the getting out of the house. Just think, no phones ringing, nobody to talk over something so you don't know what they said, no background noise (unless you get a large obnoxious crowd) to annoy you... *sigh* I miss the theater...